About the mackinac pony company of michigan

Mackinac Pony Co. was established in the fall of 1999. A trip to a local county fair was the starting point and inspiration for our fun business! At that local fair we saw a gentleman giving pony rides, and I thought what a great idea, I can do that! What fun, kids and ponies. And so it started, the purchase of a larger horse trailer soon followed and a trip to a local auction barn and the purchase of 2 ponies was the start of what grew to be Mackinac Pony Co. In 2001 we added a petting farm to go along with our pony rides and we've been enjoying a farm full of miniature animals since then.  

Coming from a family of horsemen and farmers and involvment in showing horses and specialty rabbits/chickens in 4-H as a child/teen...having a unique family friendly business with ponies and animals seemed like a natural combination!

We have four great kids that enjoy the animals and help care and socialize with them daily: Cody, Tristan, Makayla and Tyler. The oldest 3 are involved with 4-H and the local Onaway Area Horse Club showing their own ponies at the local shows put on by O.A.H.C. and the county fair also showing Lionhead rabbits and Bantam Chickens at the fair. You may even seen them at a fair or festival brushing the ponies, cleaning up pony poo or riding our mechanical bull like little professional cowboys.

We are also breeders and advocates of the American Cream Draft Horse. Listed on the American Conservancy of Rare Breeds list as critical with less than 400 known horses, public awareness of this unique and ONLY breed of draft horse native to the United States is needed to promote, educate and hopefully keep from extinction this rare and noble breed of horses! We raise purebred and 1/2 american cream draft horses for pleasure, sport and competition. Please visit our Horse Drawn Carriage Rides page to view our beautiful carriage horse and standing stallion at stud: Ackerman's Million Dollar Max.

Enjoy some of the fun photos of our kids at the county fair and with our extended "farm family".

Photo Mackinac Pony Rides KidsPhoto: Cute girl with baby cow

Photo of a cute little cowboyPhoto of another cute cowboy

Photo Cody & Kayla Mackinac Pony KidsPhoto: a boy and his bunny

Photo of DarwoogiePhoto of little boy on horse